Ruby's rules to live by.

Ruby rules the roost around here. In her kitchen, she writes the rule book and brings a refreshing twist to the same, old scene. Here are some guidelines to live by, according to our own Ruby Tequila:

  • A meal is only the real enchilada if a person eats all of it.
  • It’s only a fiesta if the taco is eaten.
  • A spinach enchilada is good for the vegetarian soul.
  • If you don’t want Mexican food, then you’re not hungry.
  • A woman’s mystery is hidden in a chimichanga.
  • Cure a cold with hot sopa. Cure a fever with a tamale.
  • Reach for the stars but only if you’re holding a chile frito.
  • If you can’t eat a burrito in peace, move.
  • It doesn’t matter if a tortilla is rolled or flat as long you put chili on it.
  • Live in the fast lane but eat a tamale slowly.
  • If life gives you peppers, make hot sauce.
  • It’s not a party until the old Mexican shows up.
  • Speak softly and carry a fat tamale.
  • Live life in the fast lane, but drink a margarita slowly.
  • If there is not Mexican food in France, why go there?
  • Winners never quit. Losers miss the burrito.
  • Man’s best friend isn’t a dog. It’s a taco.
  • Every cloud has a fajita lining.
  • A little salsa is good for the enchilada.
  • If the answer isn’t Mex-Tex, it’s a stupid question.
  • If the tortilla fits, eat it.
  • A burrito in the hand is worth two chimichangas.
  • Saving the planet one enchilada at a time…
  • Life is short — eat the chocolate chimi first.

What Ruby says, goes. That's why at Ruby Tequila's, we speak fresh - a language everybody knows.

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