She's truly a gem.

RubyIn the late 1800’s, cowboys and vaqueros guided large herds of cattle up the Camino Real from Mexico and through Texas — to the feedlots in Kansas City or Montana. The success of these cattle drives depended on how irritated the Indians might happen to be feeling. And, if the cattle rustlers were hung over, the mosquitoes were hungry or if there was heavy snow, the trails were virtually impassable. But, the most important factor was the food provided to the cattle rustlers along the way. If men didn’t like it, they’d just up and abandon the cattle.

So, cooks were prized individuals, and the most famous ranch cook in South Texas was Manuel Pinero of the Hacienda el San Antonio. His tortillas and mesquite grilled beef and chicken lured so many cowboys to the ranch, the hacienda (owner) knew without a doubt that Manuel must become his partner. And, when Manuel started simmering cuts of beef in water for hours and invented chili to pour on his tortillas, his partnership with the ranch owner was secured. Legend has it that the beautiful daughter of the hacienda fell in love with the famous cook, Manuel, and they had a baby girl — named Ruby.

Flash forward to present day. Although she has quite a few years on her, Ruby’s leaving her footprint all across Texas by holding true to the values her famous father taught her. By cooking authentically fresh, made-from-scratch Mex-Tex, Ruby doesn’t want you to settle for boring, processed Tex-Mex. She wants you to Mex it up! And, while parts of this tale may be “tall”, one thing is true — Ruby serves food like she’s feeding hungry cowboys.

What Ruby says, goes. That's why at Ruby Tequila's, we speak fresh - a language everybody knows.

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